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Smart Paraphrasing Tool - Free Paraphrasing Tool & Article Rewriter

Article Writing one the most creative skill in the world. But it is really hard for some people which actally same like me :P. But Now it is not hard for you and me as well. SPT is designed to rewrite article in the unique way. This is how we can say it is Article Rewriter as well. Thounsand of people on internet have issue of writing article for blogs,websites products etc. Now they can use this Paraphrase Tool to get their article ready in just secounds. Rewriting content was not easy job before SPT. Now it's not diffcult, method to use it is really simple. just paste the content & click on rewrite button. Content will be generated in just seconds & you have acccess to rewrite again option. If still you are not satisfy you can again rewrite the rewritten content.

Article rewriting tool is the online text spinner and well known as rephrasing tool. It is used for producing and reproducing the outstanding, accurate, high quality, original, plagiarism free and SEO friendly content for the articles. It is also known as a phrasing tool. It gives a new look to the sentences of your article by replacing some words of the original text. It does not change the meanings of your text but just gives them a new style and expression. Quality content is needed for the success and popularity of the articles and this tool helps you in creating the required quality of content that helps you in boosting your website .blogs, article to the maximum level.

Why Paraphrase tool?

Dublication of content is not acceptable anymore in Search Engines. Search Engines are getting more smarter by day & night. Some search engines are taking many hard steps & penalyzing whole website & sending pelanty in case of dubicate content. They need unique content & some people are still worried about writing content. Smart Paraphrasing tool helps us to generate unique content free for lifetime.

Features of Smart Paraphrasing Tool

Users of the Article Rewriter Tool:

A free article rewriter is very useful for a variety of people. It is not confined to the people of a specific field that are stated below:

Students as users:

A free paraphrase tool is an efficient tool that helps students to spin their content for thesis and research work. They can get a research paper or article already published and can get it changed and reformed by using this best paraphrasing tool.

Teachers as users:

Teachers who teach online have to make a lot of presentations on the same topics for each semester. This free paraphrase tool helps them to change the sentences and text without changing the meanings of the original text.

Bloggers, article writers and websites owners as users:

The bloggers, article writers, and website owners need quality work in large quantities. They can’t hire a lot of writers for their task as it is difficult and costly. But the article rewriter tool solves their problem by reproducing the present content in a new look without changing the meaning of the original content.

Free Spinbot

It is actaully a Spinbot Tool, Which means It is build the advanced techniques where Spinbot robots are working on content and make content unique for everyone use. The Tool is build with Advanced Article Spiiner as well as with latest Spinbot techniques which are only implmented on Small paraphrasing Tool. Now you can it's free Spinbot rewriter which is available for zero cost.

How to use the article rewriter tool?

Does the question arise how to use this miracle tool for doing our task to be done in a short time and free of the cost? We have given stepwise guidance for the users to use free paraphrasing tool which is stated below:

Step 1: Click to open the link  

Step 2: paste your content in the box provided which has options for uploading a document and text or pasting your text after copying that text.

Step 3: press the option “Re-write Article “to make it work. In a few seconds, it will show the suggestions and list of synonyms derived from the wordings of your pasted content.

Step 4: When the engine stops it working of spinning the article, it will show you the edits in bold and colored words.

Step 5: If you get satisfied with the result, click on “Next” and if not you can press the “Rephrase Again” option to spin a different edition of the content with different synonyms.


Though the content generated by the article rewriter tool is authentic and verified yet we recommend you proofread your content before putting it in use.


The article rewriter tool works technically by checking the text and content that you upload and then reproduces it to create an unusual, clear edition of the spun content. It is usually used by content writers, blog writers, website administrators, the marketing agencies, students and teachers to attempt to reproduce the existing content by making it original. It can be called a friend indeed as serves us in a short time with quality and quantity.